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The Seah Cheng Siang Professorship in Medicine

Seah Cheng Siang Professorship in Medicine


Clinical excellence is one of the hallmarks of Singapore medicine. We are establishing the Seah Cheng Siang Professorship in Medicine to recognize and celebrate the contributions of clinicians who excel in patient care. The professorship will strengthen our commitment to uphold a high level of leadership
and excellence in patient care in the present and for the future. Professor Seah Cheng Siang was an exceptional clinician who exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and patient care. Renowned for being an outstanding teacher, he was a role model and mentor for many doctors of today. Above all, Professor Seah placed the needs of the patient first.


Professor Seah Cheng Siang (1922-1990) was a master clinician, a lion of medical education and a pioneer in advancing clinical excellence in Singapore. Through his leadership at the Singapore General Hospital as Head of Medical Unit 3, and of the medical fraternity, he helped lay strong foundations for Medicine and public healthcare.

He was legendary for his teaching; he instilled in the doctors under his care a deep concern and compassion for patients. He taught and influenced almost two generations of doctors who are now teaching and practising in universities, hospitals and clinics in Singapore.

Professor Seah was an architect of specialist medicine in Singapore. He helped to set standards of the highest order, which was key to securing the setting up of Singapore’s own specialist qualifications and register, independent of the Royal Colleges.

Professor Seah’s contributions benefited his patients and SGH as well as the medical fraternity. Above all, he stood for dedication to the art of practising medicine, education, professionalism and humanitarianism.

"For Cheng Siang, the doctor’s first responsibility is and will always be to his patients and to society in general … the commitment to the patient is not ever to be taken as optional."
Professor Chew Chin Hin, Seah Cheng Siang Memorial Lecture, 1992
Master of Academy of Medicine, 1973-1975
Deputy Director of Medical Service, Ministry of Health, 1981-1991

"He devoted his entire life not only to medicine but more to humanity. Prof Seah was one who acted as he preached. I was at his clinic in SGH when he was summoned from the ward, where one of his patients needed immediate attention. He returned after 20 to 25 minutes and apologized profusely.
I was then President. The patient he was summoned to see was someone in the C class ward."
Mr Wee Kim Wee, 4th SGH Lecture, 1996
President of the Republic of Singapore, 1985–1993

Make a Gift

When you donate to the Seah Cheng Siang Professorship, you are honouring present and future generations of doctors who strive to provide excellent health care to every Singaporean, “be he rich or poor, with or without influence.”

The professorship promotes clinical excellence by fostering the highest standards of patient care with a dedication to the art of medicine, professionalism, education and research.

It may be used to fund programmes such as medical education, clinical improvement projects, and procuring and developing the technology necessary to support these endeavours.

All donations received will be presented to the government for matching through Duke-NUS Medical School and eligible donations may be matched at the prevailing government matching quantum.

The total sum from private donors and government matching will be endowed. Endowment funds and their generated interest are perpetual and will foster continuity of leadership in academic medicine.


Your gift will be use to fund programmes such as medical education, clinical improvement projects, and procuring and developing the technology necessary to support these endeavours.

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