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International Patients

Seeking medical treatment outside your home country can be physically and emotionally difficult for you and your loved ones. We understand this completely. At SGH, our IMS is specially dedicated to meeting your every need, medical or otherwise. You will feel right at home because we will be by your side every step of the way.

From the moment you entrust SGH with your medical care, you will correspond with a single point of contact - a one-stop service totally committed to your healthcare needs. As your comfort and needs are our top priority, our total healthcare management concept will assure you that your customised healthcare needs are promptly attended to. Our team of experienced Guest Relation Assistants provides a broad spectrum of services for you and your family members, to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, from pre-arrival to follow-up care. 

Emergency Evacuation

IMS is the main contact point for Evacuation companies transferring patients home to SGH for medical treatment.

Some useful information if you have a loved one who requires to be transferred to Singapore for urgent medical care:

Modes of Transportation:

  • Depending on the injury or illness, there are various modes of transportation to consider.
  • Via Air Ambulance (with or without complete medical team escort) - usually for critical cases
  • Via Commercial Airlines - 
    1.  A "MEDIF" - medical information form and clearance to fly must be provided to all airlines several days prior to flight
    2.  Commercial Airlines have different restrictions, capabilities and guidelines
    3.  Oxygen for medical cases needs to be prepared and is not readily available
    4.  Stretcher cases may require anywhere from 6 to 9 seats.  This varies depending on the type of aircraft.
  • Via Ferry
  • Via ground ambulance

Information & assistance:

  • We provide contacts to evacuation companies who have access to the area where patient is located
  • We work with the relatives and guide them on how to gather the necessary medical information of the patient
  • Where necessary, we can put them in touch with MFA for assistance
  • We assist to liaise with various departments in SGH in order to prepare for patient's arrival to SGH
  • We can assist to make appropriate ground ambulance pick up from the various ports of entry to SGH

Important information to provide:

  • Full name of patient as in passport:
  • NRIC or Hospital registration number:
  • Date of birth:
  • Patient's updated medical condition and reports:
  • Expected date of transfer to SGH:


Please browse our brochure in Chinese (0.5 MB PDF) or Bahasa Indonesia (1.5 MB PDF) for more information.

Last Modified Date :21 Feb 2013