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Fluency Clinic

The Fluency Team at Singapore General Hospital is recognised as the most established Fluency Specialist Speech Therapy service in Singapore. We specialises in the assessment and treatment of stuttering across various age groups of people who stutter and receives referrals within Singapore and other countries in the region. Dedicated to evidence-based practice, all Speech Therapists in the fluency team take pride in being abreast with the latest research to enable them to always provide the best and most effective treatment.

Referral process

To consult with us, you will require a doctor’s referral to the SGH Speech Therapy Department. The referrals must be issued by a physician practicing in Singapore. 


To make an appointment, call our department at (+65) 6321 4126. Please note that you will require an appointment to consult a Speech Therapist. When you call, our patient service clerk will help to arrange an appointments with the next available therapist.


A standard assessment session will last approximately 1 hour, unless otherwise specified by the therapist. As part of a comprehensive assessment, the speech therapist will speak with you to gain a better understanding of your concern about your speech or your child’s speech. The assessment process also includes the making of video and audio recordings for diagnostic and treatment purposes. 

Audio or video recordings of the speech of the person who stutters will help the Speech Therapist with the assessment. You may want to bring along 1 or 2 home recordings . During the session, the Speech Therapist will also provide you with information about stuttering. There will be an opportunity to discuss treatment options available as well as your expectations of treatment.

Weekly Treatment

Weekly individual treatment sessions are available for preschoolers, school-age, adolescents and adults. A typical session will last approximately 1 hour and will take place in our clinic.

Fluency Intensive Programme

Our fluency clinic offers intensive treatment for stuttering for upper school-age children, adolescents and adults lasting 1-4 days, with follow-up maintenance sessions. The fluency intensive programmes cater to patients who are undergoing a speech restructuring treatment approach to stuttering. 

Fluency Booster

The fluency booster is beneficial for adolescents and adults who are experiencing a relapse in stuttering. This 1 day intensive booster treatment serves to refresh and revisit the speech strategies that you have learnt from previous therapy sessions. During the booster, there are opportunities to practice your speech strategies and discuss with your therapist how you may implement these strategies in your daily situations. 

Telehealth Service

The telehealth service delivery model involves treating stuttering via SKYPE™ or phone. This service aims to provide treatment for local and overseas clients who are unable to physically attend therapy sessions during office hours. Telehealth treatment can be accessed from home or workplace. Research has shown that telehealth treatment is just as effective and successful as compared to treatment in-clinic

The Fluency Support Group

The support group caters to adolescents and adults who have undergone stuttering treatment in our clinic. The support group is meant for our patients to come together to practice their speech strategies and to support each other towards maintaining their new found fluency. This is done through speech activities that are organized and arranged by the patients themselves. The fluency support group runs on the last Tuesday of every month. These sessions run in a group format with a minimum of 5 attendees.

Fluency Team

When you come in for your appointment, you may be seen by one of the following speech therapists on the Fluency Team:
- Joel Tay
- Laura Chua
- Valerie Lim
- Yak Bee Kiean


For an appointment, please call:
Tel: (65) 6321 4126

Last Modified Date :26 Nov 2014