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Skin Bank Overview

The SGH Skin Bank and Skin Culture Laboratory was set up in 1991 to meet the skin graft needs of burn patients. Located within the SGH Burns Centre, its supporting role to the treatment of massive burn injuries is getting indispensible. This is because donor skin allograft (skin from an organ donor), procured and preserved by the Skin Bank, is deemed as one of the best temporary biological dressing for massive and serious burn injury.

However over the years, the supply of donor skin recovered was not sufficient to meet the demand of massive burn cases. There were instances when the SGH Skin Bank had to urgently request for skin allograft from tissue banks in Australia and the United States.

How do I sign up as a Skin Donor?

We encourage you to consider this selfless act and to talk with your loved ones about signing up as a skin donor. If you wish to sign up as a skin donor, please feel free to download the donor form and mail to us via email: Otherwise, you may contact our Skin Donation Co-ordinator at Tel: 6-321-4974

If you have any other questions concerning donation of other organs, please call the Organ Donor Registry at Tel : 6321-4390.

Once you have decided to make this gift of life, complete and sign an Organ Donation Card in the presence of two witnesses. Mail this self-addressing form and an Organ Donor Card will be issued to you by the Organ Donor Registry, Ministry of Health. Please carry this card with you at all times so that medical personnel can be instantly alerted to your wishes.

While we are all familiar with the life-saving concept of organ donation upon death, the fact that the thin patches of skin can also have life-or-death significance to countless burns victims may not occur to us.


Last Modified Date :24 Feb 2012