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Research Activities

The use of Moist Exposed Burn Therapy in the treatment of burns wounds

This clinical trial investigates the efficacy of Moist Exposed Burn Ointment in the management of mixed-thickness burns wounds as compared to conventional management with silver sulphadiazine. Outcome indicators include time for wound healing, resultant scar quality and use of analgesia. (NMRC/0125/1995).

Growth hormone efficacy in severely-burned patients

The use of recombinant growth hormone has been investigated by several centres in the United States for patients with severe thermal injuries. Favourable results have been reported in terms of acceleration of donor site healing time and reduction of hospital stay. Our clinical trial will investigate the impact of recombinant growth hormone on donor site and grafted site healing, and morbidity in patients with major thermal injury.

Integra artificial skin for coverage of large burn areas

Limited donor sites remain a major problem with patients sustaining large area burns. Integra artificial skin acts as a minimally-immunogenic biological dressing following excision of burn wounds and allows the use of thin split skin autografts which in turn means that donor sites can be re-cropped more frequently. Research efforts are also aimed at combining Integra with cultured epithelial autograft.

Skin Culture Research

Together with the Department of Clinical Research of SGH, we have been actively involved in research into expediting the growth and take of cultured epithelial cells including use of fibrin glue and other techniques. Research is also being carried out in the use of lyophilised amniotic membrane.

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