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The entire Centre is fully air-conditioned with the ventilation system comprising twenty air-changes an hour. This controlled environment which simulates an Operating Theatre environment is aimed at reducing levels of ambient airborne organisms thereby reducing cross-contamination of burns wounds with airborne organisms. A special viewing corridor outside the unit allows the patients in the isolation rooms to be in visual contact with their relatives without coming into direct physical contact.
The Centre is divided into two wings to facilitate cohort nursing. 6 beds are devoted to critically-ill patients, and 10 beds are set aside for patients requiring intermediate care in a high-dependency area. Separate areas are set aside for dressings change, physiotherapy and convalescence, and an area for paediatric patients.

A self-sufficient operating theatre enables all primary wound excision and skin grafting procedures to be performed within the Centre. Patients requiring secondary reconstructive procedures are not admitted to the Burns Centre and therefore secondary reconstructive procedures are generally not performed here. The utilization of this operating theatre situated within the Burns Centre has facilitated the ease of transfer of these major burns patients from their rooms to the theatre (the main hospital operating theatre is located some distance away on another floor). Ease of transfer of patients minimize the potential dangers of transport of the critically-ill, the main ones being airway disconnection and discontinuity in monitoring. In addition, theatre scrub personnel dedicated to burns surgery has also greatly expedited the performance of the surgical procedures.

A cell culture laboratory within the Burns Centre dedicated to the culture and preparation of cultured epithelial autografts provides laboratory support for our skin culture project.

Last Modified Date :04 Jan 2010