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Admission Characteristics

The SGH Burns Centre is a tertiary referral facility and will only accept burned patients requiring specialised care, and these are confined to patients with the following injuries :
  • burns in adults > 15% TBSA or in children > 10% requiring fluid resuscitation
  • burns involving special areas like the face, hands and perineum
  • burns with an inhalational component / respiratory component
  • burns resulting from electricity, chemicals or molten metals
  • delayed or neglected burns with a deep-dermal or full-thickness component requiring surgery
  • Strict admission criteria limit unneccesary admissions to minimize cross-contamination and to enable medical and nursing staff to concentrate on major burns patients and those patients who are critically-ill.

The Burns Centre admits patients through the following sources :
  • the hospital’s Accident / Emergency Department following consultation and review by the on-call Plastic Surgery Resident and / or Registrar
  • other hospital’s Accident / Emergency Department / ward (including private sector, semi-government restructured, and foreign) following telephone-consultation with the on-call Plastic Surgical Registrar and / or attending Plastic Surgeon; transport and medical escort of the patient is provided by source hospital
  • direct from scene of injury following heli-casevac via the hospital’s Accident / Emergency Department.

Last Modified Date :04 Jan 2010