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Singapore Health - Nursing Supplement

In this year’s Special Nursing Edition, read about nurses who look after patients and their caregivers across different care settings, ensuring their medical, social and emotional needs are adequately met. Find out what it is like to be at the front line on the war against diabetes; what a nurse’s day is like in the emergency medicine department; and how nurses go the extra mile to volunteer for overseas medical missions to help those in need. Read these inspiring stories and more in the 2017 Special Nursing Edition.

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Singapore Health SH 46 - Jul/Aug 2017 

Dentistry has gone 3D! Surgeons at the Singapore National Dental Centre are now using highly advanced 3D imaging printing technology to plan and conduct complex jaw surgery. Also find out about stomach cancer - one of the top 10 cancers in Singapore but something many people still don't know much about; why you should not ignore dry eye syndrome; how acupuncture is helping women overcome pain when their eggs are retrieved for IVF; and how making changes such as to the diet and lifestyle can stop borderline diabetes from advancing to the full disease.

Read the Jul/Aug 2017 issue of Singapore Health (PDF)


Singapore Health SH 45 - May/Jun 2017 

Read about Mdm Teo Gek Hoon and why she is health care’s Everyman in the latest issue of Singapore Health. Also in the May-June 2017 issue are articles about a new hip replacement technique that gets patients up and walking as quickly as the day of surgery, why exercise is important for Parkinson’s disease patients, and why it might be a good idea to get a rabies shot before venturing to exotic places. Read about how cervical cancer is  preventable  because there’s a vaccine for it, and find out about targeted therapy, which hits cancer where it hurts, taking out the mutations which drive it.

Read the May/Jun 2017 issue of Singapore Health (PDF)


Singapore Health SH 44 - Mar/Apr 2017

The latest issue of Singapore Health is out.  Our cover story is on a breakthrough discovery  by  SingHealth and the Genome Institute of Singapore  which offers hope to halt the dangerous muscle wasting disease that afflicts terminally ill cancer patients.  Also in this issue,  read about co-testing, which combines the conventional Pap smear and an HPV DNA test to better detect cervical cancer and SGH’s Postnatal Assessment Service for women most at risk of developing urinary incontinence.

Other stories to check out include the quick and painless  injection that can replace eye drops for glaucoma; how blue light therapy is used to reset  the biological clocks;   how physiotherapy can ease lymphoedema;  what happens when heart valves give way; and how you can   register for hospital admission and check estimated costs online with  the new “Admissions Buddy”.  

Read the Mar/Apr 2017 issue of Singapore Health (PDF)

Last Modified Date :01 Aug 2017