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 Here's what you missed at MusicFest

28 Jun 2017

Communications Intern Ang Jia Yong turns roving reporter for the day, to capture the joy of music brought to hospital patients and visitors during the 5th edition of MusicFest @ SGH, on 26 May.     MUSICFEST @ SGH 2017 10,000-strong audience in total  326 artistes 160 volunteers 104 performances 54 hours of music 20 locations across Campus

“Incredibly honoured to be a part of #musicfest for the third year in a row. For my Musician friends in Singapore, I highly encourage you to look the program up. Being able to play to an audience that really need a tune and a smile, it’s the most rewarding show I play every year. Thanks @sghseen for having me.”

- Daphne Khoo, Artiste, on Instagram 



A group of colleagues came together to form the SGH Campus Choir. They impressed with their rendition of the quick-tempo ‘Fried Rice Paradise’ and other tunes.

The group was led by conductor Angelina Choo, who has over a decade of choir experience.

Dance was featured for the first time this year. At the National Heart Centre foyer, 
Frontier Danceland dazzled the crowd with a flamboyant performance that had hints of flamenco, tap dance and breakdance.  

An Open Mic Corner outside Learning Space gives amateurs a chance to jam. Nathalie Ribette from Sing’theatre gets the ball rolling with fellow musicians.   CULTURAL REVOLUTION



Michelle Chua played the gu zheng with her rendition of the Chinese classic, ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’.


Flame of The Forest member Krsna Tan plays the sitar, a plucked stringed instrument commonly associated with Indian classical music. 

Sri Mahligai, a Malay music ensemble, captivated the crowd with the subtle beauty and grace of traditional dance and songs.  



Little Heartstrings, made up of musicians aged 6 to 14, played the violin for patients such as Mr Khairi at the ward.

“I was so touched when a few days ago after being admitted to the hospital, a few young friends came around my room to play 2 musical pieces specially dedicated to me. I felt so positive. I really enjoy all kinds of music and arts and find it very soothing to engage in it. The young children with their wonderful smiles playing with their truly brightened up my day. Thank you SGH and Little Heartstrings for the great initiative... greatly appreciate.”

- Shaik Shidek, Patient, on Facebook 


Students from Woodgrove Primary School serenaded the crowd with local hits.

On the other hand, Pasir Ris Primary School Choir had a lively sing and dance segment hidden up their sleeves.



The finale concert featured two of Singapore’s household names: Hossan Leong and Suhaimi Yusof, who delighted the audience with their comedic routines. 

This year, we filled Deck on 9 – and our hearts – with Lauren Yeo’s angelic voice once again. The 13-year-old singing prodigy (in blue) performed the National Day classic, ‘Home’.


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Last Modified Date :28 Jun 2017