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Establishment of Division of Pathology

01 Jun 2016

SGH is pleased to announce the formation of the Division of Pathology in SGH and four departments that will come under this new Division.

Pathology was established in 1903 as a bacteriologist-led laboratory on the SGH campus. Since then, it has developed into a multidisciplinary Pathology Department with the specialties of microbiology, anatomical and cytopathology, molecular, and clinical pathology, offering comprehensive services that handle about 12 million investigations annually, making it the largest Pathology Department in Singapore. Apart from serving patients on SGH campus, our laboratories also provide expertise to other institutions in Singapore and our surrounding countries.

Having grown from a clinical support service to an Academic Clinical Programme, it is timely for it to evolve into the Division of Pathology.

The new Division of Pathology will be formed on 1 June 2016. It will house four departments, namely the Department of Anatomical Pathology, Department of Clinical Pathology, Department of Molecular Pathology, and Department of Microbiology.

Chairman, Division of Pathology

Prof Tan Puay Hoon, who is the current Head of Pathology, will be appointed Chairman, Division of Pathology. Since assuming the role of headship in 2005, Puay Hoon has done much in building Pathology in SGH to a very high standard. She has been instrumental in formulating and developing the Pathology Academic Clinical Program (PATH ACP) and leading the program since its inception. Puay Hoon collaborates with external organizations in research pursuits leading to findings that change the way diseases are managed. She is recognized internationally as a leading pathologist in breast, renal and urologic conditions. She has also played an important role in teaching and mentoring the next generation of pathologists, many of whom are outstanding pathologists and researchers in their own right today.

Puay Hoon’s vast experience and stature in the field and dedication to Pathology makes her well qualified to undertake this role as the Division Chairman. We thank Puay Hoon for her good work and look forward to her continued contributions to SGH and SingHealth.

Head, Anatomical Pathology

A/Prof Lim Kiat Hon, Senior Consultant, will head the Department of Anatomical Pathology. Histopathology and Cytopathology come under the ambit of Anatomical Pathology. Better known to us as Tony, he has been heading the Translational Pathology Centre in SGH since 2013 and is also the Academic Vice Chair (Strategic Programs) for the Pathology ACP. Tony was the Clinical Director, Personalised OMIC Lattice for Advanced Research and Improving Stratification (POLARIS) from October 2012 to September 2015, and is the current Director, POLARIS @ SingHealth Strategic Programme. He has special interest in liver and gastroenterology research, is well published and has good peer standing. Tony is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School.

Head, Clinical Pathology

Dr Yeo Chin Pin, Senior Consultant, will be appointed Head, Clinical Pathology. The Department of Clinical Pathology will oversee Clinical Biochemistry, Client and Specimen Management, Blood Bank and Satellite Laboratories. Except for Blood Bank, Chin Pin has been heading the rest of these services since 2010. She has been the Co-Chair of the Laboratory Quality Committee in the Department of Pathology since 2005, and is Chair of the Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Committee in SGH. Chin Pin has been the appointed Technical Assessor/Expert for the Medical Laboratory Accreditation, Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) – Singlas, since 2003, and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with Duke−NUS Medical School. With her extensive experience, Chin Pin is well positioned to take on this headship role.

Head, Molecular Pathology

Dr Oon Lin Ean Lynette, Senior Consultant, will head the Department of Molecular Pathology. She will oversee the Molecular Laboratory, Translational Pathology Centre and Cytogenetics. Lynette has been instrumental in setting up and heading the Molecular Laboratory in SGH since 2006. She is the Chairperson of both the SingHealth Biosafety Committee and SGH Research Facilities Biosafety Committee. At the national level, Lynette contributes as a Member of several committees such as Technical Working Committee for Training, National Biosafety Committee, National Mirror Technical Committee for ISO/TC 212 Clinical Laboratory Testing and In-Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems and Advisory Subcommittee on Molecular Diagnostics Testing. In addition, Lynette holds appointments as Adjunct Assistant Professor with Duke-NUS Medical School and as Clinical Teacher with NUS-YLL School of Medicine. She is well published and respected in her field of expertise.

Head, Microbiology

A/Prof Koh Tse Hsien, Senior Consultant, will head the Department of Microbiology. Diagnostic Bacteriology, Virology, Central TB Lab and Immunology & Serology will come under this Department. Tse Hsien possesses remarkable achievements in academics with a PhD from the National University of Singapore and MD from the University of Aberdeen. He is the Academic Vice Chair (Research) for the Pathology ACP, and holds appointments as Adjunct Associate Professor with Duke−NUS Medical School and Senior Clinical Lecturer with NUS−YLL School of Medicine. Tse Hsien has over 80 publications; he serves as an Associate Editor and Editorial Member of journals and is an integral member of the Antimicrobial Resistance Expert Panel in the Ministry of Health.

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