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TriGen: Project Wire Up & HomeCare

Project Wire-Up | HomeCare

Are you interested in making a difference in the community?

TRIGEN is looking for volunteers interested in connecting with seniors in the community, honing their leadership skills or inspiring the next generation of Singaporeans! From getting seniors digitally connected to working together with youths to provide holistic care to seniors, TRIGEN offers different volunteering opportunities for SingHealth staff. At TRIGEN, we believe every senior in Singapore can experience the protection, care, and love of a family, and hope to bring out the Singapore Kampung Spirit through intergenerational learning and ties! We hope to have you in our journey to build a community "family"!

Eligible for all SingHealth staff.


Project WireUp – We aim to equip, train and connect elderly in this project!

  • Equip the seniors with the mobile phone for them to embark on journey to digital transformation. This is done in partnership with the TRIGEN team who will help to arrange for the procurement of the phones.

  • Train the seniors to use mobile devices. This includes basic functions such as calling and receiving calls, to more complex functions such as using applications for entertainment (e.g. Youtube, Facebook), searching for information via search engines like Google, and settling daily affairs.

  • Connect them to formal and informal social networks. For example, volunteers will help seniors to link up with community organisation for befriending services or help them to contact their loved ones and friends via their mobile devices.

For Project WireUp, volunteers will need to be able to commit for a minimum period of three months, conducting six 1.5-hour training sessions with seniors this period. Project WireUp will be recruiting volunteers between April and May 2021.

TriGen HomeCare – We aim to provide holistic care to residents in this project!

  • Be part of a care team of 4-6 individuals with other volunteers from SGH (2-3) and youth volunteers (2-3) to provide care for 2-3 seniors/households for a period of 12 months.

  • To befriend seniors and better understand their medical and non-medical needs, as well as continually assess the medical, nursing, functional and psychosocial needs of the senior.

  • To come up with care plan to address needs of seniors with youth volunteers, and conduct reflection sessions with youth volunteers, using curriculum plans and reflective tools designed by the TRIGEN team.

For HomeCare, we hope volunteers will be able to commit to monthly home visits for a period of one year from July 2021 to June 2022, attend two training sessions (half-day) and two multi-disciplinary meetings (half-days) from July 2021 to June 2022.


Who are the target beneficiaries?

We are currently targeting senior citizens residing around SGH area, particularly senior residents of rental flats in Bukit Merah, Tiong Bahru, Chinatown, Telok Blangah and Katong.

Is there any requirement for me to sign up as a volunteer?

If you have good interpersonal skills and are patient with seniors, we want you! Being able to speak mother tongue and dialects or have a background in healthcare/social care will be an advantage.

Do I have to undergo training?

We will be providing you trainings over zoom on how to engage the seniors and the content that needs to be covered with the seniors during their visit.

  • For Project WireUp, volunteers are required to attend 1 training before their visit.

  • For HomeCare, volunteers will need to attend 2 trainings happening in May and June 2021 (half-day). Training will be conducted outside of office hours usually on Saturday mornings or afternoons

Is it safe for me to visit elderly at their homes?

Yes. On the day of the home visits, you will be required to do a telephonic screening declaration with senior residents before going for home visits. Visits should be kept to an hour, and a 1-meter safe distance should be kept with seniors during the visit.

I can only volunteer after working hours on weekdays or over the weekends, can I still volunteer?

The timing is flexible - all you need to do is arrange a suitable timing with the resident to perform the 1st home visit and subsequently follow up until program completion. The follow up can involve different modalities (e.g. phone calls, repeat home visits).

Am I allowed to bring my family along with me to join the volunteering activities?

You are welcomed to bring your family to home visits. Visitation restrictions may vary pending on safe distancing measures. We encourage volunteers to volunteer as a family or with friends!

What if I'm unable to make it for my scheduled volunteer session due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. medical leave, work commitments)?

Please contact your team members or Volunteer Coordinator(s) at least 24 hours before the scheduled session or as soon as possible. You should also inform and reschedule your sessions with the seniors where necessary. It is important to commit to the seniors as we do not want to disappoint the seniors after one has committed.

Do I have to inform my supervisor that I'm signing up for this programme?

You are recommended to inform your supervisors that you are committed to this programme. Volunteering during office hours are subjected to approval from your respective supervisors.

Is it ok for me to resign from the programme mid-way?

If you wish to drop out for whatever reasons, please inform your Volunteer Coordinator(s) at least 1 week in advance.

Can I share my concerns/feedback anytime during my volunteering period?

Yes, you can provide your feedback to your Volunteer Coordinator(s) during supervising sessions or via email to

What if I have interested colleagues from other divisions?

You can get them to write in to to register their interest!

Who can I contact if I wish to find out more about the programme?

For more information on TriGen, please visit

You can also contact us at for further enquires.

Can I continue to volunteer with the senior with TriGen even after the programme?

Yes, You are welcome to continue volunteering with us even after the programme. Feel free to let your Volunteer Coordinator(s) know your interest to continue!