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Sign-up as Medical Chaperon

As part of SGH200 celebrations, we are piloting this Medical Chaperoning initiative for SingHealth staff to perform #OneKindAct through volunteerism! We are looking for more hands to accompany our patients from their drop-off location in SGH to scheduled appointments within SGH Campus safely.

Our beneficiaries would include elderly patients and those with mobility issues who need help navigating around SGH campus. These patients commonly have no available caregiver(s), physical/mobility challenges, and/or difficulties with wayfinding. Going to the hospital for medical appointments alone can be challenging and daunting for some of these patients, causing them to miss essential medical appointments. Our community partners providing transport and escort services also face challenges in providing medical chaperone services as the demand surpasses supply. On average, the waiting time for activation of medical escort and transport service can be up to three months.

You can make a huge difference in our patients' care and well-being by enabling their timely attendance to follow-up appointments. In the process of journeying with our patients, we can all learn and appreciate their perspectives and challenges faced and strive to improve their healthcare experience!

Medical Chaperon Experience

Volunteers will be matched with their beneficiaries depending on their availability. Upon arrival at the pick-up location, they will assist the matched patients and help them to scheduled medical appointment(s). Other common destinations include the pharmacy, lab, waiting areas, and the washroom, if needed.

Eligible for SingHealth staff only 


Is there any requirement for me to sign up as a volunteer?

  • A SingHealth employee

  • Comfortable accompanying patients who are independent with wheelchair transfers but require assistance with navigation 

  • Good interpersonal skills and comfortable interacting with patients

  • Being able to speak Mother Tongue and dialects is an added advantage

  • Attend a briefing session via Zoom with our Volunteer Coordinator team  

Who are the target beneficiaries?

Patients who make their trips to SGH for medical appointments with external medical transport providers and face difficulties with wayfinding within our campus, due to illiteracy, mobility issues and/or frailty.

Should I wear my uniform during this session?

To differentiate volunteers from staff, please wear the SGH200 Polo T-shirt. 

What is the commitment level required?

The minimum commitment period is two-hours each session. You can volunteer up to 10 hours over a period of three months (i.e. about five sessions of two-hourly slots in three months). You can sign up for consecutive slots if your schedule allows.


Please inform us of your available date(s) and preferred time slot(s):

  • 9am to 11am 

  • 11am to 1pm

  • 2pm to 4pm

  • 4pm to 6pm

    If you are keen in helping out for longer hours or on a regular basis, do write in to us at We would greatly appreciate your time and energy.

I can only volunteer after working hours on weekdays or over the weekends, can I still volunteer?

This service will be provided during clinic operating hours from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.


There are two initiatives, TriGen Project Wire-up and HomeCare, that you can volunteer after office hours. Do write to us at for more information. 

What am I expected to during the visit?  

You would be bringing the patient to the respective outpatient clinics according to his/her planned appointments. While waiting, you are encouraged to engage the patients in meaningful conversations, or introduce useful mobile applications such as HealthBuddy or HealthHub. However, do take note to abide by safe distancing measures.  

Do I have to undergo training?

Our Volunteer Coordinator team will contact you for a 1-hour briefing via Zoom. Topics include Infection control and good hand hygiene, medication collection, managing emergencies, safe navigation for wheelchair and befriending.


We will provide the necessary materials (e.g. SGH campus map and information on Health Buddy/ Health Hub). 

What if I'm unable to make it for my scheduled volunteer session due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. medical leave, work commitments)?

We strictly advise against cancelling as these patients are often unaccompanied. We will need you to find a suitable replacement for your slot (i.e. SingHealth employee) and contact our Volunteer Coordinator team at least 48 hours before the scheduled session. 

Do I have to inform my supervisor that I'm signing up for this programme?

Please obtain approval from your HODs and/or supervisors as this happens during office hours, unless you are using your own time.  

Can I share my concerns/feedback anytime during my volunteering period?

Yes, you can provide your feedback to your Volunteer Coordinator team via email to

What if I have interested colleagues from other institutions in SGH Campus divisions?

You can get them to write in to to register their interest.