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SGH200: What does it mean to me?

SGH200: WHat does it mean to me?

As you have passed through the hallowed SGH halls, what are your thoughts as SGH celebrates it's 200th anniversary in 2021. If your life has been shaped and changed by SGH, we want to hear from you!

You can share a memory, quote, poem, image or drawing.

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"We Stand Strong" - SGH200 Song

What's the inspiration behind the SGH200 Song, "We Stand Strong"? Hear from Dr Lucy Davies, the writer for the song.

Virtual tour of SGH Museum

Immerse yourself with a 360 tour of our revamped SGH Museum

#WhereInSGH Wall Mural

The #WhereInSGH wall mural depicts the key moments of SGH shared history with the development of medicine in Singapore. Can you identify these historical events? Location: SGH Block 4 Level 1, Opposite ARC