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Past Programmes

Medical Chaperon

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As part of SGH200 celebrations, SGH Population Health and Integrated Care Office (PHICO) and SGH Medical Social Services launched the Medical Chaperon initiative, encouraging staff to perform #OneKindAct through this volunteering programme. Staff volunteers assisted patients around SGH campus to their outpatient appointments. Each #OneKindAct enabled a patient to receive timely care and services, who would otherwise be unable to navigate the campus alone due to the lack of a caregiver, as well as mobility and way-finding difficulties. The patients also benefitted from our staff volunteers’ companionship through the programme. This was a mutual feeling shared among the staff volunteers too. Staff volunteers, especially those who are non-patient fronting, found the volunteering experience deeply meaningful as they drew insights on how their daily work impacted patients’ lives, inspiring them to continue putting Patients At The Heart Of All We Do.