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Empowered Community of Care


Empowered Community of Care aims to improve population health for residents in the Southeast region in Singapore through empowerment, across the life journey.


  • An integrated care network across the health and social care that empowers the population to keep-well; going beyond healthcare to being healthy throughout the life course.
  • A seamless transition between care settings that allows the population access to timely care in order to get-well; going beyond the walls of hospitals to community care.
  • A population that is able to live-well through person-centred care approach; going beyond quality to co-creation of value that matter to individuals.

Strategy & Approach

We hope to achieve an activated and empowered community of care through joint efforts with our community partners and the residents, and the co-creation journey will be guided by our A, B, C, D, E approach, and supported by Research, Education and Innovation.

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