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Assoc Prof Tay Shian Chao

Senior Consultant & Director, Wrist Service

Department of Hand Surgery

MBBS, FRCS(Edin.), FRCS(Glasg.) FAMS(Hand Surg), MBmedSci (Mayo), FAMS(Clin Scientist)

Dr Tay has special interest in wrist conditions. He is the Director of Wrist Service and a Senior Consultant Hand Surgeon. Dr Tay completed his 3 year hand surgery training in SGH and a 1 year hand surgery clinical fellowship in Mayo Clinic, USA.

Dr Tay is also involved in Education and is currently the Program Director of the Singhealth Hand Surgery Residency Program. He is also involved in teaching medical students and is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Duke-NUS Medical School.

Dr Tay is also involved in Research and has completed a two year postdoctoral research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic Biomechanics Laboratory as well as a postdoctoral Masters Degree in Biomedical Sciences (Clinical Research) from Mayo Graduate School. He has more than 70 academic publications and book chapters, and is the Founder and Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory in Academia, SGH.


  • FAMS (Clin Scientist), Academy of Medicine, Singapore 2012
  • MBiomedSci (Clinical Research), Mayo Graduate School, 2007
  • FAMS (Hand Surg.), Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 2003
  • FRCS (Glasg.), Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow, 2000
  • FRCS (Edin.), Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, 1999
  • MBBS, National University of Singapore, 1994


  • Senior Consultant & Director of Wrist Service – Department of Hand Surgery, SGH
  • Adjunct Associate Professor & Research Mentor – Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Program Director – Singhealth Hand Surgery Residency Program
  • Founding Director – Biomechanics Laboratory, SGH
  • Past Chairman – Chapter of Hand Surgeon, College of Surgeons Singapore


  • Singapore Health Services Overseas Full Clinical Fellowship Award - Singapore Health Services, Ministry of Health , 2004
  • Singapore Totalisator Board Medical Research Fellowship - National Medical Research Council, 2005
  • Trainee Research Prize-Real-time Joint Kinematics with Gated Spiral CT: Understanding the Relationship of Artifacts to Joint Motion - Radiological Society of North America, 2006
  • New Investigator Recognition Award (Finalist) - Combined Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Societies, 2007
  • Service with a Heart Award, Singapore General Hospital, 2011


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