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A collection of light and easy reads when you want to escape and find solace in a book.

Life Book Series

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The Life Book series is an initiative by the Singapore Hospice Council aiming to raise awareness about palliative care by engaging the public with their community’s rich repository of stories. These stories are told from many different perspectives, coming either from the patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and volunteers.

They hope more Singaporeans will be comfortable talking about end-of-life matters by providing adequate and easily accessible information for their reference and use. These books are free for the public to download.

Click here to view the ebooks. 

Kitesong Global Book Series

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Lying at the intersection of art, community service and global health, the Kitesong Global Book Series by Dr Tam Wai Jia inspires hope and catalyzes change in communities for a better world. Each book explores different themes such as courage, resilience, and love through lyrical paintings, narratives and poignant metaphors.

Wai Jia first wrote Kitesong inspired by the dreams of the girls she visited in Nepal. A Taste of Rainbow was born from Wai Jia's struggles with depression and anorexia through medical school. I Love You was launched on Cliff and Wai Jia's wedding day to share the struggles and simple truths about learning to love and forgive. Savour was written as a powerful reminder to live life purposefully and beckons anyone who has grappled with fulfilling expectations to redefine ideals of success.

It is the desire of Kitesong Global to empower their readers to make meaning for themselves through the illustrations and narratives of these books.

Click here to view the ebooks.

Beyond the Diagnosis – Motor Neurone Disease

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Motor neurone disease (MND) is a rare condition that affects the nervous system. People with MND experience progressive muscle weakness that affects many important daily activities including walking, speaking, swallowing and even breathing. 
Beyond the Diagnosis is a collection of stories by patient and caregivers depicting the struggles faced by people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by motor neurone disease. 

Click here to read their stories. 

Are you a person with MND or a caregiver?

The Motor Neurone Disease Association Singapore was set up with the vision that every MND patient and caregiver will live their lives with dignity, care and hope.

Click here to access their website and find out more. 

Before Beyond

"I had just started work as a medical officer when my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. She underwent a major surgery and completed several months of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, it was less than a year before her symptoms recurred. The cancer had returned and spread. Cure was no longer possible.

As a healthcare professional, I've been well acquainted with death and diseases. But my medical knowledge only equipped me with the skills to understand her condition and treatment, and not the life and the struggles that came with it.

I created this website to share my experiences and what I've learnt."

Before Beyond is a website that provides grief support and raises awareness about end-of-life challenges. The project, which began at the start of one person's grief journey, now seeks to be an amalgamation of a multitude of voices telling the stories of grief, love, and hope. 

Click here to access the website.