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Advance Care Planning (ACP)


Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process of planning for one's current and future healthcare. ACP helps individuals to communicate to important people and the healthcare team about their values and how these values shape their healthcare preferences. In the event that the individual is no longer able to make decisions or speak for themselves, the ACP guides the decision makers to act in their best interest.

Let's hear from some Singaporeans who benefited from ACP and you'll realise their thoughts about dying well and relieving the decision burden off their loved ones.

Are You Afraid of Dying (by Old Grandfather Story, YouTube)

​ACP Conversations: Mdm Jee (by Living Matters, YouTube)

ACP is an important part of routine healthcare. Anyone can start their ACP today regardless of their age or health condition. Discussing and documenting your healthcare preferences with your loved ones and healthcare team can give everyone peace of mind.

ACP is particularly important for people who have a chronic illness, an early cognitive impairment, frail, or are approaching the end of life.

The benefits of doing ACP are tremendous for you and your family and apart from having a more holistic healthcare. ACP helps:

  • Patients receive healthcare that is tailored to their values and preferences. Many patients who have done their ACP avoided unnecessary or overly aggressive medical treatments.
  • Families of people who have done their ACP experienced less anxiety, less stress, and were clearer about what decisions to make.
  • The healthcare team has a better understanding of the quality of life you expect and can act in your best interests.

Don't Wait Further

Life is unpredictable, and you will never know when you might need an ACP.

ACP is a way to plan ahead with your loved ones and healthcare team. We recommend that everyone, regardless health status, to start planning for their ACP today.