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Neuroscience Nurse 

Caring for patients with neurological problems and disabilities requires special knowledge and skills to support the optimal functional level, quality of life, and patient outcomes. Injury or diseases involving the nervous system often have far-reaching effects. The effects are not only physical, but also on the cognitive functions, personality and their behaviour.

The care of neurological patients is usually multidisciplinary. The unique role of a neuroscience nurse is to co-ordinate the different aspects of patient care. In collaboration with other team members, the nurse ensures the safe and efficacious delivery of specialised neuroscience care to the patients.

The Neuroscience Nurse receives referral to attend to patients requiring complex care, discharge planning and preoperative teachings. She co-ordinates a biweekly teaching programme for stroke patients and their families.

Patients and their families need psychological support. Hence the need of support groups for this special group of patients. The Neuroscience Nurse is active in the support groups for neurological conditions.

Last Modified Date :08 Oct 2013