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Symposium 6


Asst Prof Lim Weng Khong
Assistant Professor
Cancer & Stem Cell Program
Duke-NUS Medical School

Weng Khong is an Assistant Professor in the Cancer & Stem Cell program at the Duke-NUS Medical School and leads the bioinformatics team at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM). He obtained his PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University in 2012 and subsequently conducted his postdoctoral research at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), where he worked in various projects aimed at uncovering the genomic basis of various cancers. Among others, he showed that fibroadenomas; breast tumours that affect up to 10% of women, were primarily driven by somatic mutations in the MED12 gene. Since 2016, he has been directing efforts at PRISM to set up a genome analytics platform that supports various genomic medicine initiatives in SingHealth. In addition, his research interests include the analysis of consumer wearable data as well as the integration of EHR and genomic data.


Competency & Capacity, 8 October 2022, 1030 - 1230hrs
Delivery of Genomic Medicine in the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC

Genomic medicine is an emerging field of medicine which aims to use an individual’s genomic information as part of their clinical care. This can range from making a more precise molecular diagnosis, to making genetically tailored therapeutic options. To enhance and standardize the quality of genomic medicine delivered to our patients regardless of which institution in the AMC they encounter, the SingHealth Duke-NUS Genomic Medicine Centre (SD GMC), in partnership with the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine, was set up to provide expertise and support in the delivery of genomic medicine to partners across the entire cluster. In this talk, I will be discussing the spectrum of capabilities offered by the SD GMC including 1) clinical genetics and genetic counselling, 2) clinical bioinformatics and 3) genetics education to clinical practitioners. I will also be sharing some early accomplishments, and our plans for the near future.

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