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Plenary 3


Dr Lim Eng Kok
Director, Office of Value-Driven Care and Future Workforce Unit

Dr Lim Eng Kok is currently Director of the Office of Value-Driven Care and the Future Workforce Unit at SingHealth.

Prior to his appointment at SingHealth, Dr Lim was Director of the Clinical Quality, Performance and Technology Division at the Ministry of Health of Singapore (MOH). In his over 15 years at MOH, Dr Lim held a variety of portfolios ranging from Clinical Quality & Performance, Clinical Benchmarking, Health Technology Assessment, Utilisation Review, Service Management and Healthcare Finance. Before joining MOH, he was the Director of Operations at a private hospital.

Dr Lim obtained his medical degree from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He received his Master of Science (with Distinction) in Health Services Management from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London.


​Preparing Our Workforce for the Future
8 October 2022, 0800 - 0845hrs

The operating environment for healthcare provision in Singapore is changing rapidly, and our People (being the most valuable asset) is at the centre of this transformation. More so than ever, this necessitates quality conversations and work around planning how to maneuver the impact and empower our workforce to be equipped for this transformational change required to meet the needs of our Patients in a sustainable manner. Workforce planning is as much a mindset as it is an active and continuous process. It is important for institutions to adopt a workforce planning mindset and consciously extend a future-focused lens. This will prompt thinking about the current, transitional and future workforce demand, and in doing so, help develop future-ready healthcare professions who can address future healthcare challenges. Lastly, it is important to leverage workforce planning efforts across professions, academic clinical programmes and institutions, in order to generate collective intelligence and synergies to inform the changes required for us to be better positioned for the future. A quote by NHS England aptly sums up: “We can design innovative care models, but they simply won’t become a reality unless we have a workforce with the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours to deliver it.”
The presentation will cover how we are working within SingHealth on future workforce planning together; to strengthen workforce capacity and capabilities in support of our working as a system to deliver best possible care to our Patients. 

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