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Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Closed!




  2. For abstract submission, internet access is required. 

  3. Click on the above "Submit Abstracts Here" button to submit abstracts in FormSG.

  4. After submission, if there are changes that you would like to make, please select resubmission in the abstract submission form.

  5. You may refer to the guide below for:


Abstract submission is open to all staff at SGH Campus*.

(*SGH Campus refers to SGH, NCC, NDC, NHC, NNI SGH Campus, SNEC, OPC, OCH and Duke-NUS GMS)

Please note that your eligibility of the awards will be based on your age and your choice of submission of your paper as an Oral or Poster presentation.

If you choose to submit your abstract as an Oral Presentation, you will be eligible for the following award categories:

If you choose to submit your abstract as a Poster Presentation, you will be eligible for the following award categories:

Outstanding Research Award

Best Poster Award

Young Investigator's Award

(age criteria of being 35 years or below on the first day of the

meeting i.e. 7 Oct 2022 must be met)

Your abstract submission will be regardless of your department of origin (incl. medical, surgical, research, diagnostic or laboratory medicine, therapeutic (e.g. therapeutic radiology) and allied health care services).

Only accepted abstracts will be published in the SGH ASM Website.




Final submission of all abstracts - 8 Aug 2022, 9.00am
No futher extension will be given, submitting via emails and other format will not be accepted.


Shortlisted entries will be announced in early September 2022.


​Abstracts must be submitted in English only.


​All authors are required to submit their abstract (s) online via the SGH 24th ASM official website.


​Any late or inappropriately formatted submissions will be rejected.



​State Aim(s) of study


​State Method(s) and subject used, as relevant


​Summarise Result(s) obtained


​State Conclusion(s) reached. It is not satisfactory to state, "The result will be discussed."






​Abstracts shall not exceed 350 words of text.


Title of Abstract

Should be concise and indicate the content of the abstract.



List the authors' names, starting with the presenting author.

Please DO NOT include degrees or professional titles (Prof, Dr, MD etc.)


Departments, Institutions                              

(For example: Department of YYY, XXXXX Hospital)


​Use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Place special or unusual abbreviations in brackets after the full word the first time it appears. Use numerals to indicate numbers, except to begin sentences.


​The use of tables, graphs and other types of images in abstracts is not permitted.


Submissions that do not conform to the established format will not be accepted for review by the Scientific Committee.




For enquiries on abstract submission, please contact the abstract secretariat at